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" They could have been a bit smarter
but hell, our society watches
'Temptation Island.'"

April 14, 2005

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We will get fooled again

pasty pompous white businessmen ruining my life

Oh jeeze. We're done for.

Now Pigdump tries very hard to stay away from political punditry because, well, we find politics to be a crashing bore.

Back in the fall of 2000, we did our best to stay clear of the election.

In the summer of 2001, we reported that politicians made up 3 of the 7 signs of the Canadian Apocalypse.

Then in 2002 we broke the story that our country was being run by Muppets.

And of course we showed you darling and devoted Pigdump readers just how much we didn't care about anything, especially the weasels in our governments.

And now? Oh jeeze, we're done for! Look at those pasty, pompous businessmen associated with the Liberal party at the right. UGH! They're running and ruining everything! And of all the times for the PCs...err, Reform...errr, Alliance...err, Conservatives to have a bone headed rightwing helmet head as leader. UGH I say again! Oh jeeze we are TOTALLY done for!

pompous white rightwing fascists ruining my life

If reading that article in the Toronto Globe and Mail didn't pain me, what showed up in my mailbox the next day? Some pamphlet from some rightwing, narrow-minded, socially backward knobs telling me to send my MP a letter saying that same sex marriage is EVIL EVIL EVIL!!! Anyone who supports it will go to hell. Oh man, they sure told me!

No, I'm not going to be political here because I'm so tired of hearing it and thinking about it. Pierre Trudeau was right, that the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation. And anyone who wants to marry should just get married. And the pamphlet's statement that it could "force a rabbi, clergyman etc into performing something against his beliefs..." ..well that's just BUNK! As if a gay or lesbian couple would WANT someone who shuns their way of life to marry them! Get a frickin grip! Go marry Mel Frickin Gibson!!!

Boy am I ever tangent hopping. Sorry.

Umm, there's a good reason we don't get political. And you just read it. It just makes me want to stare at the lake and vote for the trees that are barely budding and the ducks that are coming home. Hmm. That's sounds okay.

Thanks and good luck.

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