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October 30, 2000
We will get fooled again.
Not political? That's correct.


Many of you are asking "why hasn't Pigdump been following the election? I thought a federal campaign would be great fodder for your Top Quality ContentTM pages. And besides, Ms Pigdump, everyone knows that any good journalist, any good publication worth its weight is writing about the election."


I have nothing to say. And having said that, let me say this (and believe me, I'm only going to say this once):

  • Jean Chretien is two years older than God, has the biggest forehead in Christendom and most of the non-Christendom world and wins elections because there's no one else to vote for.
  • Joe Clark was old when New Wave was new. And that was 2 frickin' decades ago.
  • Alex McDonough was a mediocre player with the Atlanta Flames... did he really think he'd be anything but mediocre in the political game?
  • Stockwell Day is a little right of the Pope. But if you hate gays, think Christ is the only Way, believe woman shouldn't have choices -- maybe they shouldn't even vote, but then again with Stockwell's rugged good looks they have to vote because you know women just vote on appearance and well darnit Stock's a shoe-in then, eh? -- then Day is your man.
  • Gilles Duceppe is a traitor. He should go to jail.
So you can see that Pigdump ain't a pundit. I don't know how to write about elections. It makes me sleepy even thinking about 'em. There are more important issues to deal with, friends. I mean what was Sony thinking? Only 500,000 Playstation 2's for all of North America? Don't get me started...!
From September 27, 2000:
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