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October 10, 2000
Is it just me?
Little things that are bugging me these days - Part 1

Have you noticed that they've started making toothbrushes bigger than ever before? What happened, have we all grown larger? No, I don't think so. But I suspect there's collusion involved. Here's the thing: the manufacturers make a bigger, fatter handle... I guess so we can grip the brush more securely... which means we have to buy a new toothbrush case because the old standard sized one won't hold the new steroid-injected model. Also, the little metal thingy by our sinks that hold the brushes won't do either. These little slots that allow the old models to hang there at the ready are now... well get out the polyfilla, fella, cuz you're going to be installing a new bathroom fixture.

Who's making money off this? The dentists? Rubbermaid? Spackle manufacturers? All I know is that my new toothbrush is covered in ditty-bag lint after falling out of the not-big-enough plastic toothpaste holder during my little Thanksgiving jaunt to Orangeville (and you know how that can hurt.)
From September 27, 2000:
These are a few of my favourite things More.

From September 26, 2000:
Tom Hanks, who's paying your bills? Do you have a free AOL account? Are all your packages FedEx'ed gratis? Do you sleep at night? More.

From October 4, 2000:
Now I'm not one to spoil the party, so if you don't want to know what the crack Pigdump investigative team found out last night, stop reading. More.

From October 2, 2000:
What if the Sopranos ran the Pigdump production meeting? More.

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