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October 4, 2000
Bite the bullet.
Who shot J.R.? That's so last century

Tonight's the night, the aftermath of the biggest television cliffhanger since Fonzie jumped the shark... At 9:00 tonight we will finally know who got shot on NBC's Emmy-winning The West Wing. Now I'm not one to spoil the party, so if you don't want to know what the crack Pigdump investigative team found out last night, stop reading.

Cool? Cool. After a long day with the digital camera collecting stock photos of Hogtown for another little website the crack team is consulting for, we ended up in a Bloor Street bar called Kilgour's. This happens to be the hangout for a few old media buddies, radio and television mucky-mucks who are in the know, eh? I asked one of them what her significant other was doing these days. "Oh, he's in town shooting a movie with Glenn Close, Mary Kay Place and Moira Kelly." My mind started racing and I said to her "you mean the one from The West Wing?" With a twinkle in her eyes my mucky-muck friend replied "That's the one."

Despite the 2 single malts, the investigative wheels started turning.

ME: "So how long have they been shooting?"
HER: "About 4 weeks."
ME: "And how much longer is the shoot?"
HER: "About 3 weeks."
ME: "Boy you'd think she'd be busy filming The West Wi... Oh I see."
HER: "I know nothing, nothing at all."

So dear Pigdumpers, you can take that anyway you want. I've just presented the facts as I see 'em and hear 'em. If you want to draw your own conclusions, go ahead.

Ummm, the end.
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