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October 2, 2000
The King-Bada-Byng affair.
What if the Sopranos ran the Pigdump production meetings?

Agenda Item 1: Tomorrow's topic
Enough with the f___in' MBA clowns or Web f___in' clowns or whatever the f___ you call 'em. I'm f___in' sick and tired of that f___in' sh_t everday, all right? You gotta problem with them, well tell Paulie and have him f___in' whack 'em. I can't f___in' listen to another day of your f___in' whining!

Agenda Item 2: External links
What the f___ is with that f___in' Strongsmell? And who's the f___in' genius who came up with Spoothe, for f___'s sake? These f___in' guys are dead weight to us, and Rhetorical question? What kinda f___in' college grad pretentious sh_t is that? And when was the last time any of these f___s updated their piece of f___in' sh_t pages? You hear me? Bada-bing-bada-boom! F___ 'em.

Agenda Item 3: Everything
Which one of you p__sies is in charge of this f___in' sh_t? Did you notice that you've repeated yourself here? F___ me! Take a f___in' look at numbers 100 and 101. Then take a look at 172 and 173. Don't you f___in' edit this sh_t? Do I have to hear that you f___in' repeated yourself in some f___in' e-mail from some backwater f___ from Orangeville? Is that it then? Is that f___in' everything you know? Well then you're no f___in' good to me anymore. Whack her Paulie.
From September 27, 2000:
These are a few of my favourite things More.

From September 26, 2000:
Tom Hanks, who's paying your bills? Do you have a free AOL account? Are all your packages FedEx'ed gratis? Do you sleep at night? More.

From August 26, 1999:
The very first Pigdump ever. Really! See how it began. See how far we've come. Enjoy the Super poll 5000 and Michael Stipe's hair. Really! More.

From September 25, 2000:
then pigdump was reborn! More.

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