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October 31, 2000
What the hell is that?
So what are you supposed to be?

Ah Hallowe'en. Kraft Caramels pulling out your dental work, popcorn balls that go straight into the trash, your Unicef penny candy fund. The biggest challenge though was finding the right costume when mum and dad wouldn't buy you a Yoda off the rack. And then the inevitable question door after door after door... "what are you supposed to be?"

But there are people in our everyday life who face that challenge every day. We ask the same question to the following folks - what are you supposed to be?





From September 27, 2000:
These are a few of my favourite things. More.

From September 26, 2000:
Tom Hanks, who's paying your bills? Do you have a free AOL account? Are all your packages FedEx'ed gratis? Do you sleep at night? More.

From October 27, 2000:
The Pigdump grain drain. More.

From October 13, 2000:
These days we are being offered solutions for everything from internet commerce to halitosis. "Scope, your bad-breath solution!" More.

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