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October 3, 2000
Pigdump Pigdump burning bright.
What if classic poets ran the Pigdump production meetings?

Agenda Item 1: Tomorrow's topic - moderator e.e. cummings

how about

coming soon
eddieandbill bettyandisabel
little ghostthings hob-a-nob

i think it will

Agenda Item 2: External links - moderator Robert Frost

Whose URLs those are I think I know
His page is hosted in Pittsburgh though
He will not see me clicking here
To watch his strongsmell thrive yet blow.

My little mouse must think it queer
To stop without new content near
Between the spoothe and rhetorical flake
Excuse me, but did I say queer?

Agenda Item 3: Everything - moderator John Keats

This is just codswallop. You see...
Beauty is truth, truth beauty - that is all
Ye know on earth and all ye need to know.

From September 27, 2000:
These are a few of my favourite things More.

From September 26, 2000:
Tom Hanks, who's paying your bills? Do you have a free AOL account? Are all your packages FedEx'ed gratis? Do you sleep at night? More.

From October 2, 2000:
What if the Sopranos ran the Pigdump production meeting? More.

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