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Friends tell me that if I wrote
a book about everything I know
it would be a very thin volume.

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This is everything I know
  1. Crickets rub their legs together to make that crickety noise.
  2. A katydid is a large, green grasshopper.
  3. The RCA Victor dog is named "Nipper."
  4. A wee nip is a small quantity of spirits - usually whisky.
  5. Smelling salts are really ammonium carbonate and perfume.
  6. My cats (Frank and Louis) are completely insane.
  7. A peyote is a Mexican cactus with a narcotic bi-product.
  8. Dander is allergenic dandruff from the coat of various animals.
  9. The Russian Blue is known as "The Doberman Pinscher of Cats."
  10. Lionel Conacher's nickname was "Big Train."
  11. Randy Johnson's nickname is "The Big Unit."
  12. Frank Thomas's nickname is "The Big Hurt."
  13. Tom Hanks' first Oscar nomination was for "Big."
  14. When one dies at sea, one goes to "Davey Jones' Locker."
  15. Aubrey Clapper's nickname was "Dit."
  16. 2002 is the first palindrone year since 1991.
  17. Mayor McCheese was just H.R. Puffinstuff with cheese.
  18. Jeffrey Jones starred in "The People Next Door."
  19. Rita Hayworth's real name is Margarita Carmen Cansino.
  20. Eric Roberts used to be in the soap "Another World."
  21. A rutabaga is a turnip.
  22. The guy on Canadian Tire dollars is named Sandy McTire.
  23. The Royal Family has a summer "home" in Ballater, Scotland.
  24. I am related to Nancy Greene.
  25. I am related to Barbara Ann Scott.
  26. I played hockey with Tiger Williams.
  27. Ikea is Swedish for "out of stock." Heh heh.
  28. In 1956, Abby Hoffman was thrown out of a boys' hockey team.
  29. In 1952, the Edmonton Mercurys won the gold hockey medal.
  30. Binaca is a peppermint breath spray.
  31. The lion in Born Free was named Elsa.
  32. Brian Eno produced Devo's first record.
  33. Steve Lillywhite produced U2's first album.
  34. Don Dixon and Mitch Easter produced REM's first album.
  35. Pince-nez are glasses that clip on your nose.
  36. Chuck Jones created Marvin Martian and Pepe le Pew.
  37. Before he was a donut, Tim Horton was a Maple Leaf.
  38. Guy Lafleur is a spokesman for erectile dysfunction.
  39. Chatham Ontario is called "The Maple City."
  40. Orillia Ontario is called "The Sunshine City."
  41. Tom Thomson was born in Claremont, Ontario.
  42. Paul Martin Sr. was a powerful Liberal Cabinet Minister.
  43. Black squirrels are just grey squirrels with heat-absorbing fur.
  44. Barrie Ontario will be 150 years old in 2003.
  45. Pope John Paul II is a Taurus.
  46. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  47. 1050 CHUM's top song of 1974 was "Seasons In The Sun."
  48. "The Way We Were" was the top song of 1974 in the U.S.
  49. Henry VI, Part 1 is said to be Shakespeare's first play.
  50. The five-lined skink's tail is a bright electric blue colour.

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