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Friends tell me that if I wrote
a book about everything I know
it would be a very thin volume.

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This is everything I know
  1. Billy Strayhorn wrote or co-wrote many Ellington classics.
  2. I know I repeated myself with epiglottis and epidermis.
  3. A pinworm lives in fecal matter.
  4. Robbie Burns wrote over 550 songs and poems.
  5. Neil Young was raised in Omemee Ontario.
  6. Johnny Canuck was created by 15 year old Leo Bachle in 1942.
  7. Dreamt is the only English word that ends in "mt."
  8. Boys are more prone to colour blindness than girls.
  9. Underground is the only word that begins and ends with "und."
  10. The longest one-syllable English word is "screeched."
  11. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  12. John Lennon's middle name was Winston.
  13. Oklahoma! was the first Rodgers and Hammerstein musical.
  14. George W. Bush is (finally) the 43rd President of the USA.
  15. Canada has two official languages, eh?
  16. Julie Andrews is married to Blake Edwards.
  17. Anne Bancroft is married to Mel Brooks.
  18. The 401 is the busiest highway in North America.
  19. The Lords of Lexington Lanes was a radio drama cult hit in the '80s.
  20. Lucy Lord was the littlest Lord of Lexington Lanes.
  21. Prometheus is a Titan. Zeus is an Olympian.
  22. Karen Valentine was one of the stars of "Room 222."
  23. Chad Everett played Dr. Joe Gannon on "Medical Center."
  24. Marcel Dionne wore #5 when he played for Detroit.
  25. Sting's real name is Gordon Sumner.
  26. Bono's real name is Paul Hewson.
  27. Frank Mahovlich's nickname was The Big M.
  28. New Orleans is sometimes called The Big Easy.
  29. The Taj Mahal is a tomb for an Emperor's wife.
  30. A leap year has 366 days.
  31. The Finger Lakes are in central New York State.
  32. James Garner's real name is James Baumgarner.
  33. Webster's now says leverage can be a verb. ACK!
  34. Bob Dylan took his name from poet Dylan Thomas.
  35. Elton John took his name from his buddies in Bluesology.
  36. Puff Daddy is not named after HR Puffinstuff.
  37. The Atlantic Puffin is the provincial bird of Newfoundland.
  38. Sandfield Macdonald was the first Premier of Ontario.
  39. Ewan MacColl was Kirsty MacColl's father.
  40. Ringo Starr's real name is Richard Starkey.
  41. Casey Casem is the voice of Shaggy in Scoobie Doo.
  42. Don Harron was the first host of Morningside.
  43. Eric Roberts is Julia Roberts' big brother.
  44. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement.
  45. Dunn's Pavilion is now the Kee to Bala.
  46. My parents' wedding anniversary is April 9th.
  47. The Dallas Stars were once the Oakland Seals... sort of.
  48. Mike Harris won a silver medal for curling in 1998.
  49. Sandra Schmirler won a gold medal for curling in 1998.
  50. Mel Blanc was the voice of Barney Rubble.

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