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September 11, 2008

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Small victories

So the schoolyard bullies let the new kid play.

greenday nimrod

Lizzie May is allowed to go to the podium with the old boys! Wuhoo!

Now don't get me wrong, I am NOT saying I'm throwing my support behind her, I'm just celebrating a small victory for democracy, and a nice slap in the face to the old boys club. And considering the top two of those boys aren't even that old (yes I'm talking to YOU, Steve and Jack!), it's even more shameful that they stooped to such old fashioned, old boy tactics.

When I think of Prime Minister Steve (PMS) and his new special friend, Smilin' Jack, all I can think of is that pair of dogs from Loonie Toons, Spike and Chester.

spike and chester

You remember them, don't you? The big bulldog bully of the junkyards and back alleys, and his yippy sycophantic friend... "What are we gonna do now, Spike? We gonna chase some kittens...?" That's our coward Jack. Hiding behind Canada's biggest bully, PMS, hoping he'll let him stay in power by siding with him in the House and in the yard. Because he couldn't have those Greens and that strong woman with fresh new ideas muscling in on his territory...I mean he's the NEW Democrat, right?

PMS's actions weren't surprising at all, sadly. Since he became Canada's helmet-headed leader, he's bullied his cabinet, he's called his opponents names, thrown sticks and stones like a typical Opposition Leader (newsflash, PMS, you HAVE the power now), and he's behaved like a self-satisfied smug-ass who feels like he's entitled to pick and choose who can speak and who can't. The small consolation in this kind of behaviour is that his band of right-wing, Christian-fundamental, socially conservative dinosaurs that make up the better part of his party have been silenced. Like I say, small consolation.

But enough about PMS and Smilin' Jack, this is Lizzie May's day! Look out, boys, there's a new kid in the schoolyard now!

Thanks and good luck.

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