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June 1, 2008

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Sorry to be so blunt, but...

...I can't help myself.


I've been watching hockey, believe it or not. And I've watched players like Montreal's Finnish captain, Saku Koivu, speak to the media. I've listened to the soon to be ex-captain of the Toronto Maples Leafs, Mats Sundin explain his present situation. And I've watched Niklas Lidstrom, the first European captain to raise The Cup (unless I've just jinxed the guy!) speak for his team on the ice and off the ice. And you'd think they all were born and raised in Canada.

Especially Lidstrom! Hardly an accent at all. He's clear, his grammar is good, he sounds like a Canadian leader. And he's only been in north America for about 18 years. Not his whole life.

And then there's this guy:


Why oh why is it so hard for our leaders and/or potential leaders to speak clearly in two languages? For goodness sake! I respect M. Dion, really I do. But when I'd rather listen to a what a sweaty, European hockey player has to say in a scrum than cringe at the nervous, tentative patter of the honourable leader of our great country's opposition, well just slap my ass and call me Charlie. Or something.

I told you I was gonna be blunt.

I'm not anti-French or anti-Quebec or anything.

I'm really very accepting.

Except when I can't stand listening to people who want to run the country.


Please don't sue me.

Thanks and good luck.

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