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"It started with a goat. Or
maybe a duck. Anyway, there
was a little website named strongsmell."

February 18, 2007

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Mythbusting at Pigdump

Happy Chinese New Year, by the way. And because it's the year of the PIG, we're getting a lot of comments and complaints as to why Pigdump has not celebrated the Year of the Pig. After all, it's Pigdump, and, well, doesn't it seem logical?


As some of you know and most clearly don't, Pigdump has nothing to do with Pigs. Just as we keep trying to bust the myth that Pigdump is a blog (IT'S NOT, DAMMIT, YOU GOT THAT???!!!), at the beginning of the Year of the Pig it's critical to our brand mission that we bust the myth that we're about pigs. Pigdump was a cat. A butt-ugly cat, but the most lovely family cat a family could have. This is Pigdump:

pigdump the cat

But since it is the Year of the Pig and we like to be inclusive at Pigdump (not to mention the fact that we're running out of time to use our credits at iStockPhoto), here's a picture of a lovely, sweet pig:

sweet little piggy

So write it down: Pigdump is not a blog. And it's not a pig. It's a cat. And a real website. It says so at the bottom of the page so it must be true.

Thanks and good luck.

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