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September 16, 2002
Way to go kid!
What was I thinking? Oh ya, I was a kid once...

The Pigdump headquarters has gone through a lot of changes this fiscal year.

Any time there's a significant change in latitude (or attitude, for that matter), the overnight archivist gets a little nostalgic. Look what she found while unpacking one of the many boxes the other night:

bobby orr et all

marcel dionne et al

If you look very closely, you'll see the autographs of some big time hockey players, some of them Hall of Famers to boot; there's Bobby Orr, Marcel Dionne, Steve Shutt, Mike Walton, Phil Russell, Jim McKenny, Billy Harris and Claire Alexander. This was long before the days of hockey card mania. We didn't have our hermetically sealed cards in a $30 binder, nor did we carry a Sharpie with us wherever we went just in case we ran into Forbes Kennedy or Sheldon Kannegiesser. No, any scrap of paper and a crayon would do.

As you can see. I remember seeing these guys playing a softball game about 28 years ago up in Orillia. At the end of the game, we rushed the field for autographs. Since I didn't have a signed card identifying the players with their illegible handwriting, I thought it best to go home and write their names down in purple ink (I believe I used a Bic Banana.) As you can see.

The overnight archivist left me a memo in the morning telling me that I shouldn't have written on these sheets of paper, that the autographs might be more compelling without the purple bits. Bah! I say! Would I have been able to get any Top Quality Content™ out of a clean Bobby Orr autograph? Never!!!

Please feel free to download these images so you can pretend you got these autographs yourself. But the world will know they're not authentic because of the scrawled names in purple ink. Nya nya nya!
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