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The slippery slope box. Tuesday September 12, 2000

What is wrong with the internet?
Part 3

Oh them media moguls!

In the early years, the internet was referred to as "The Information Super Highway." It was an exciting new media stream that was going to change the way we are informed and entertained.


Two or three years later, the New Media became the Old Media all over again. The media marauders of the '90s who have been buying up all the culture and entertainment streams, saw this new technology as another way to invade the global psyche. The internet became their own personal playground, a tool to re-purpose all the crap they are already pushing down our throats via the 500 channel universe they own.

So the internet isn't a fresh new medium. It's just another television full of slow, jaggy, jerky shovelwareTM owned by rich geezers who want to control our hopes, dreams and imagination. They have all the money. And now, they have all the keys to all the information vessels coming into our homes.

And that's what's wrong with the internet.

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Tomorrow: No, no more.

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everything I know ...continued 177. The Giants used to play in New York.

177. The Braves used to play in Milwaukee.
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