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Holy cross-branding, Batman! Tuesday November 9, 1999

The shape of things to come. The world of "Little Bills." The anti-trust dust hasn't even settled yet, and already there are big changes afoot in the high-tech world of e-commerce and online Top Quality ContentTM delivery.

Of course we're talking about a new online product that the folks at Pigdump are calling "a going concern." Friends, it's time to visit, our new partner in the foundation of the ultimate content portal for the new millennium. Pigdump, along with those darlings of NASDAQ,, want to officially welcome those hardworking giants of the virtual world and congratulate them on their big splash onto this happening scene! We're better with you than without you, Spoothe! And we smell nicer too!

Pigdump will be throwing a little "coming out" party for to celebrate this grand shift in the post Big Bill world. And we'd like some of you to come as well. I mean, what's a content portal without dedicated content consumers? Send an e-mail to and tell us what Spoothe means to you. Ten lucky winners will get to join us in this historic funfest at the Pigdump offices. Enter early. Enter often. The more Spoothe means to you, the more you mean to us. Really.

Tomorrow: I'd like that.

everything I know ... continued 50. A hiatus hernia is a weakness in the diaphragm.
to be continued...

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