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I say tomato. Monday, November 29, 1999.

Either - Or?
Great Questions of Our Time
1) Oats, peas, beans or barley?
2) "The Way We Were" or "The Electric Cowboy?"
3) Fries or Salad?
4) Cloth or disposable?
5) An inny or an outy?
6) Turnip or Rutabaga?
7) Simon and Simon or Cagney and Lacey?
8) BSB or NKOTB?
9) Lazenby, Connery, Moore, Rigg, Dalton or Brosnan?
10) Is it a chip or is it a cracker?
11) Dick York or Dick Sargent
12) 2000 or 2001?
13) USB or IUD?
14) Shaken or stirred?
15) Sussudio or Suit of Suet?

Tomorrow: The truth about Datsun Cogs.

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everything I know ... continued 63. The magnetic north is different from the north pole.

64. The capybara is the largest rodent in the world.
to be continued...

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