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Wrong turn at Albuquerque. Tuesday November 16, 1999
It was clearly a mistake. Last night, I found myself in a recruiting session for one of the "Big 5" business consultant firms. Eager young A-types from the best MBA programs in Ontario filled the seats on the trading floor as important bigshot e-commerce consultants tried to woo them with corporate videos, stunning Power Point presentations and very cheap wine. There were also the usual trinkets and trash, including the book "Blur, the Speed of Change in the Connected Economy."

Well, I could only take so much of the "ubiquitous connectivity" and the three L's of client management (Learning, Loyalty, Lock-in of course.) But Lucky was I! The room was filled with colourful banners, veritable Bay Street eye candy to enjoy and inspire. And I knew then that although I was surrounded by the dullest clowns in suits and suitettes, I could still enjoy the childlike purity of the almighty business ethic. Let me share those banners with you:

Can you feel the love?

Tomorrow: The wolf will survive.

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everything I know ... continued 54. Bob is a palindrome. So is Hannah.

55. There is an Albuquerque in New Mexico and an Albuquerque in Brazil.
to be continued...

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