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Not the weekend funnies. Thursday November 11, 1999

Once upon a time there were some clowns. One day they thought they would make their mark on the world by getting their MBAs. "Hyuck hyuck hyuck... that was easy! Hyuck hyuck! Let's make us some big ass cash now!"

So out they went into the real world, ready to find stupid companies that would buy into their new-found biz world savvy. The first thing they did was come up with stupid jargon. "Hyuck hyuck if we dazzle them with words that make absolutely no sense, I betcha these companies will throw cash our way. Hyuck hyuck."

And so the phrase "sticky site" was invented. All of a sudden there was a need for "attracting eyeballs." Clients were told they should "target the vertical." These clowns started using nouns as verbs: "If you give us pantloads of cash, we'll give you a strategic solution so that you can leverage your brand online. Or at the very least we can tentpole your content strategy for a positive gain within the minimum cycle."

Then one day, as the happy wealthy clowns were leaving a highpowered meeting with other MBA solutions strategists, an out of control Dodge Caravan veered onto the sidewalk and they were crushed to death.

The end.

Tomorrow: The catcher and the wry.

everything I know ... continued 51. A Nabob is an official or governor in the Mogul empire.

52. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
to be continued...

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