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November 13, 2000
Hurray for GH Wood.
Since Hollywood has run out of ideas...

Charlie's Angels is the big blockbuster movie event of the year 2000 so far. And on television, The Fugitive is pulling in substantial numbers for CBS. Pigdump asks "just what the frick is going on?" A bad tv jiggle drama is now a hot Kung Fu Girl Power flick starring former snort and sauce queen Drew Barrymore. And The Fugitive was a 1960's tv show that became a 1990's blockbuster movie that has been revived as a millennium tv series. Doesn't anyone in Hollywood have an original thought? Even The Insider was kind of about 60 Minutes.

Well, since it's clear that bigtime filmmakers have run out of ideas, here's a little list of tv shows that haven't yet become movies:

kate and ali Kate and Ali -- we cash in on the whole Charlie's Angels thing by teaming up Kate Jackson (the smart one) with Muhammad Ali (the greatest.) A nutty cooky comedy shows how 2 single parents can raise their families and deal with Parkinson's disease in New York City.

hey lar Larry King's tour de force. His first acting role playing the tragic life of the late McLean Stevenson - the egotistical supporting actor who left the biggest show of all time (M*A*S*H) and ruined his career with the awful Hello Larry. Oscar material.

ooo what a manimal Manimal -- Brad Pitt recreates the Simon McCorkindale role but adds his own crazed 12 Monkeys kinda thing to it. In this new millennium version, a hunky vegan who has real issues with people who eat meat morphs into a wild chicken, a pissed-off pig, and a lean yet mean baby calf. Industrial Light and Magic's special effects will blow your mind and change the way you look at your dinner plate.

all in the family All in the Family -- Woody Allen's ironic spin on the very popular sitcom of the 1970's. In this version, Woody plays a loud-mouthed Jewish dock worker who can't say anything nice about the gentiles who are taking over his neighbourhood. He also has sex with his adopted daughter. A laugh a minute.

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