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May 13, 2002
Boxing Louis.
Moving is so frickin' stupid!

box o' louisHere's the dumb thing: I took some pictures with my handy digital camera this morning to give all you darling and devoted Pigdump visitors an update on the stupid move. Of course I've packed the little adaptor contraption that sticks into my computer to download the pictures. Of course.

Here's another dumb thing: I made some tasty spaghetti and meat sauce last night as I'm trying to use up a lot of the food I have so I don't have to pack it. I made enough so that I could bring in the leftovers to work today. Of course I've packed all my plastic containers. Of course.

And then there's all the other crap. For instance, my address changes about the same time as my birthday which means I need a new driver's licence and picture and all that stuff. And of course the public servants have been on strike so there's a frickin' backlog at the frickin' office. Just try to get your picture taken by grumbly civil servants if you can stand the hours of line-ups. And then of course at work, our office is moving to a new location on the very same weekend, so when I wake up in the morning I'm not going to know where I am... when I go to work I'll go to the wrong place... and when I come home at night I'll probably get off at the wrong subway and have to pay again....

Move is a 4-letter word. The worst one. No question. So I'll be postponing my birthday this year, not that I'd be able to upload any pictures of the great event anyway as I'll probably lose my modem in the move... ugh, there's that frickin' word again.

Thanks and good luck.
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