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May 7, 2001
Foray for Hollywood.
Hey Hollywood producers, listen up

There just aren't enough great Hollywood movies starring those nutty, cooky, wacky, zany dudes form the old Saturday Night Live crowd. No, I don't mean "let's have Ghostbusters 5" or "Son of the Blues Brothers would be an awesome movie." That's a whole different era, man. We just ain't getting enough of David Spade, Rob Schneider or Adam Sandler these days, you know? So Pigdump would like to present a couple of sure fire hit scenarios for the Hollywood bigshots who could make big dough with these underexposed, brilliant comic actors:

  • Great Big Pee - Adam Sandler is an offshore oil man with a bladder control problem. There won't be a dry seat in the house!
  • Cowpat Baker and the Condo Farm - Rob Schneider owns a farm that is right in the middle of a new trendy condo sprawl on the outskirts of New York. You see, he wouldn't sell his farm and they couldn't make him and oh man, the scenes with the trendoids rolling their eyes at ole Cowpat... hold your sides, they're splitting!
  • Man. Just Man - David Spade plays the unlikely stud in a prehistoric setting. Get it? Cavemen. Cavewomen. Sabre tooth tigers. A chance for Spade to be "ironic" about society -- it's 2001 but we're really back in caveman times. And when he discovers fire, it's eXtreme humour time!
  • Pants Pants Pants! - a tour de farce starring all 3 of them as door-to-door diaper salesmen. Man oh man, seeing them wearing those little HuggiesTM as they pick up beautiful 25-year-old suburban housewives, the laughs will never end!

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