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July 16, 2002
xtreme Pig.
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It's been a month since our last dump. Can we be forgiven for being so absent? Excuses are getting pretty thin around here. True we're being forced by upper management to start catering to the kids (there's currently a business plan being put together for xtremepigdump.com), but that's not what's keeping us off the dubya dubya dubya... pigdump?

When you have a cottage and it's been a million degrees and sticky in Hogtown and your city is being run by a freak with bad hair plugs and the streets smell of garbage and the damn Pope is coming to town, how in the heck can you expect anyone to sit in front of the computer with clear thoughts writing a daily dump? With that view (see at right) why would anyone promise Top Quality Content™ day in day out? (Whatever were we thinking?) ahhhhh

But to every yin there's a yang. Hmmm. The bucolic weekends have always ended up looking something like this (see at right.) Just as the 400 merges with the damn 11 in Barrytown you can say goodbye to the peace and tranquility of your weekend. Add an hour to the drive, stop and go right to Canada's Wonderland. And as if you're going to go home and sit in front of the screen tapping out the TQC™. Hell no, you want a drink! Lots of drinks! And there ain't nothing TQ about drunken tirades about the pope or the government or the garbage....

Ummm, that's all.

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