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The answer my friend... Tuesday July 18, 2000

a nasty nor'westerThis is what happened...

Pigdump was all set to run a fine little chunk of light, yet Top Quality ContentTM today. But last night, the editors thought they had better run the piece by the Pigdump Advisory Committee for a sober second thought.


After much heated debate, the Pigdump lawyers and financial advisors decided it was in the current writer's best interest to forgo the day's scheduled TQContent "until such time when current professional and economic well being is not quite so dependent upon the target of the potentially incriminating TQC of July 18, 2000."

So we caved.

But make no mistake! When Pigdump's funding is completely independent, when we no longer have to answer to THE MANTM, when we can face any lawyer on any day of the week, we will let you see today's fun yet marginally controversial snippet of life in THE AGENCYTM.

In the meantime, why not think about this for a while:

Okay, what's with wind? When the weather person says "there's a west wind today" does he/she mean there's a wind from the west? Or is it blowing westward? And what the heck is an easterly? This really messes me up. I mean, I think I've figured out that a west wind comes FROM the west, but is an easterly blowing in an easterly direction? Blowing TOWARD the west? I suppose a nor'wester is a wind blowing from the north west, but how can I be sure? What am I supposed to do with this information?

Umm, that's all. The end.

Tomorrow: Survive THIS!

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everything I know ...continued 160. Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine are sisters.

161. Jeanne Cooper (aka Katherine Chancellor) and Corbin Bernsen (aka Arnold Becker) are mother and son.
to be continued...

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