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Le horreur, le horreur Thursday January 6, 2000

You web-savy surfers know that Top Quality Content TM is a tough thing to come by these days. My partners in the TQC portal, --, and -- have all been struggling of late. But there is no shame in their failure to put up TQC on a daily basis these days... I must say that every time pigdump has failed to perform, spoothe, strongsmell and RQ have been there to pick up the slack. I mean who can forget the Swiss? Or Wonder Womyn? Or Japanese Inventions? Good God, these people work hard to make our daily browsing an exciting experience.

And just so you know: the reason why the folks who put together these fine web products have been a little quiet lately is because they have been off in a foreign land helping to rebuild a cultural way of life. That's right, the fine web producers of spoothe, strongsmell and RQ have been working day and night, volunteering their precious time re-planting trees at Versailles. Yes, you read that correctly. These fine human beings were quite devasted by the news of the storm disaster in France, and have sent all able bodies from their crack teams to recreate that great garden that sits by the palace on the outskirts of the City of Lights. You see, they love the French.

'nuff said.

But if you're bored and in need of some beautiful pictures of tantalizing fish, why not visit Trout's site! You won't be disappointed!

Tomorrow: Send in the gowns.

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everything I know ... continued 81. A rabbit punch is a punch to the back of the neck. I think.

82. Though others may say a Rabbit Punch is when someone grabs your arm and keeps battering 10-50 times, simulating a rabbit jumping up and down.
to be continued...

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