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Sweeping changes. Monday January 24, 2000

It's Housecleaning Day here at Pigdump. Just a little break from the usual Top Quality ContentTM to get caught up on some of the important ventures in the Pigdump portfolio. With the IPO still pending, we want to make sure our slate is pure and our record tidy.

First things first. A couple of weeks ago, Pigdump held it's first annual Word Up contest. We asked you to come up with a sentence (or 2) with the following words:

beholden, tawdry, ne'er-do-well, gusset, minutiae

The 3 winners are Kathy Wray, Casey Trauer, and someone who identified him/herself as Who? Congratulations all. We will be publishing these winning responses over the next 3 days.

Coming soon: a new robust content partner! Pigdump has developed a creative strategic alliance with a new company called Weed It and Reap. Though still in its infancy, this new online gardening tips and tricks site promises to bring Top Quality Gardening ContentTM and a future e-gardening solution. Take a sneak peak.

Look for Pigdump to get a little stale at the end of this week. The crack technical team is heading west to the Valley to upgrade the complex publishing engine that drives the Top Quality ContentTM day in day out. You see, the Valley is the Silicon Valley, a real going concern on the technical front of the connected e-conomy. So while they tweak the chips and tinker the code, Pigdump will not be updated between Friday and Sunday. But look for us to come back with aplomb!

Thanks and good luck!

Tomorrow: Swell swill.

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everything I know ... continued

93. You lose most of your heat through you head... so wear a hat when it's cold.

94. RGB means Red Green Blue.
to be continued...

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