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Back in my day... Thursday January 13, 2000

Are You Becoming a Geezer?
1.When walking south to the subway on the narrow sidewalk and high school kids walking 3-abreast are walking north forcing you onto the street, do you
a) Smile to yourself and think "Ha, kids, I remember being so carefree!"
b) Quietly let it go, but vow to yourself, "next time I'm not moving out of the way."
c) Bash right through their pack and shout "Punks, thugs, hoodlums, ne'er-do-wells!"
2.When friends ask you to go out to a late movie and drinks afterwards do you say:
a) "Sure, I'll pick you up at 9."
b) "I'll meet you for the movie, but then I gotta go to bed."
c) "#&!@ off, It's Law and Order night and I'm already in my jammies!"
3.When someone asks "what's your favourite hockey team?" do you reply
a) "I sorta like the spunk of those feisty Ducks. And their 3rd jersey is cool too."
b) "Well, of course I like Kings, but it hasn't really been the same since Gretz left."
c) "There is only one team, the Montreal Canadiens. And I don't care that they don't win anymore, today's hockey SUCKS ASS! I mean teams in the sun belt? Gimme a break. And we call them hockey SWEATERS not #!&?ing jerseys, you punk!"
4.When you wake up in the morning do you
a) hit the snooze button, roll over and try to sleep off last night's party.
b) hit the snooze button and lie there worrying about the assignment that isn't quite done.
c) fart, burp, hit the snooze button, swear, fart again.

a) still a young'un
b) transition time
c) fart, fart, burp fart.

Tomorrow: In turn or out turn?

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87. KFC used to be called Kentucky Fried Chicken.
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