yes, it says
Busted. Tuesday January 11, 2000


No, you are not seeing double. What you are seeing is the reason why there really is no Pigdump today. The crack team that was supposed to put together today's Top Quality ContentTM has been sent to a rehab clinic to get over its rabid addiction to a silly video game about bursting bubbles. The team plays it on the Gameboy in transit. It plays it on the Playstation 'til all hours of the night. There is no hope for this team.

Please accept Pigdump's apologies for this lapse in human character... we promise to make right for you all that has gone wrong for us. Thanks and good luck.

Tomorrow: The art of the perfect floss.

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everything I know ... continued 84. Chapatti is a small flat cake of unleavened bread.

85. A ton of feathers weighs as much as a ton of bricks.
to be continued...

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Charles Brown

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