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Word up. Monday January 10, 2000

Have fun at Pigdump today! We know that Monday is the dullest web surfing day, and goodness knows you don't want to be doing any work today! So why not play the Pigdump contest we like to call:

Put These Words We Don't Hear Enough Any More in a Sentence and Win Win Win!

Okay, so the title is long-winded, but it saves us from writing a confusing rules paragraph. Here are the words:


Cool? Cool. Again, one coherent sentence with all those words. For example:

I am beholden to my aunt who, though a tawdry old fool, pulled this ne'er-do-well up by her gusset and helped truss the turkey and the other minutiae of the festive season.

Okay, we will give you this... we'd prefer 2 related short sentences to one long, run-on sentence, because we HATE run-on sentences and you won't win, not that we really have prizes or anything, but winning will give you a place in the Pantheon of Pigdump. Ahem.

Send your response to Thanks and good luck

Tomorrow: The art of mouthwash.

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everything I know ... continued 83. Channa is an Indian bean, we in the west know it as the chick pea.

84. Chapatti is a small flat cake of unleavened bread.
to be continued...

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