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Content goes here: Thursday August 26, 1999
This is how it always starts. I mean, if today's date weren't in the corner of this page, well I just wouldn't be a player, would I?

The white box will always be filled with TOP QUALITY CONTENTTM. And that speaks volumes for both the creator (me) and the consumer (you). For instance, there will be some days when I just won't feel fresh, and this contentTM box will reflect that... well, not in any odoriferous fashion... but you'll know, you'll sense it. And when you do, it'll be up to you to strike back, to let me have it, to smack me in the head with a sack of wet poodles.


Now... hasn't this been fun? If you've enjoyed your stay, please let me know. And if you've taken the time to drill downTM through this multi-layered, content-rich site, well gosh, thanks.

Tomorrow: Another Day

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everything I know 1. Cary Grant's real name was Archibald Leach

2. The 'CH' on the Montreal Canadiens' sweater stands for 'Club d'hockey.'

3. Those little stringy things you find in celery sticks are called 'vascular bundles.'

4. Rosebud was a sleigh.

To be continued...

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