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Micromanagement Monday February 7, 2000
... and speaking of business in the way new economyTM...

The Information Super Highway truly is a going concern. MBA clowns and management weasels have become millionaires over night while pixel-pushers and code whores have become thousandaires. Why this discrepancy in the pay scale? Easy... job titles.

Graphics monkeys and code gurus spend their days creating funky fabulous content for the users of the Information Super Highway. Face it, the highway is super because of these folks. Their collective creative energy is used day in day out to bring you the best of the web. But because they have job titles that make sense, the clowns and weasels can put a salary cap on 'em.

The clowns and weasels then spend hours of their days in creative consultation with each other. Are they working to bring us an even more super highway? No. Their creative thought goes into making up swanky job titles that will bamboozle the clients. You see, if your business card says:

  • Chief Innovative Architect
  • Chief Synergy Engineer
  • Director of Essence
  • New Frontier Adventurer
  • Passion Architect
  • Solutions Strategist
well lemme tell you, the world is your oyster!

So here's the deal... send us your dream job title and we'll submit your responses to a team of Top Quality clowns and weasels. And believe me, if they think you have the right stuff to live up to your title, well the money'll be pouring in by the pantload! And we'll make sure you get your cut.

Tomorrow: Flotsam and Jetsam.

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everything I know ...continued 99. Toto's drummer, Jeff Porcaro, died in 1992.

100. The epiglottis is the cartilage at the root of the tongue.
to be continued...

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