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Micromanagement Friday February 4, 2000

Another Boss from Hell story... this one from a Pigdump reader we all know as Spoothe. (This time 'round, names are NOT changed to protect the innocent.)

"Early in the Spoothemaster's years in newspapering -- in fact when he was merely a neophyte intern editor -- he spent a summer in Kentucky learning the craft of editing from a man who looked a lot like a mule. (And, coincidentally, had a last name that sounded a lot like mule -- Meuller.) Indeed, much of interaction with his crew consisted of a braying and a stamping about. To be more specific, if you heard this editor pounding loudly at his keyboard, you knew that somebody very soon would be getting an instant message on their screen upbraiding him or her about his or her inferior talents.

Not too soon into this internship, the Spoothemaster decided he would NOT become an editor. Because, obviously, he really sucked at it.

Then, about three-quarters into the summer, one of the coordinators of the editing program that placed the neophyte at this Kentucky newspaper came around for an evaluation. The verdict -- delivered not to the intern directly but through this coordinator -- was that the Spoothemaster was the best editing intern the paper had ever had. Or something like that.

What a shock.

And on that intern's last day, he gathered with all the other departing interns and the newspaper regulars for cake and cheesy going-away gifts. Caught off guard, the Spoothmaster's editor nevertheless coughed up a going-away gift close to his heart: his coffee cup ... used ... with coffee rings still stained on the bottom.

While the regulars around him barely masked their embarrassment, the Spoothemaster just laughed, finally realizing that this poor man's insecurities, shoddy people skills and lack of tact could no longer sabotage the Spoothemaster's self-esteem. Fear had turned to pity. Now he was no more than a common ass."

Tomorrow: Weekend funnies.

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