yes, it says rumble? Monday February 28, 2000

Every minute of every day in every city in the world, 1,000 men forget to put the seat down. Are you ready? The number of people cancelling television cable is starting to equal the number of people subscribing. Are you ready? Every minute of every day, a million people fart, the methane heading straight for the ozone layer. And that doesn't count the sheep in New Zealand. Are you ready? In every month, 1 million socks for the left foot go missing, while 725,000 right foot socks disappear. Are you ready? More Danielle Steele books have been purchased than all the Pulitzer Prize winning books of the last decade. Are you ready? The number of start-ups going public is equal to the number of start-ups going under. Are you ready? The number of times my cat dumps in the litter box is equal to the number of time he misses the litter box. Are you ready? The number of people committing suicide while watching television ads for Cisco is rising exponentially. Are you ready? There are more video game consoles in people's homes than there are Web-TV boxes, yet convergence is a going concern. Are you ready? The number of e-mails to Pigdump increases when there is new content on the page. Are you ready?

Tomorrow: A chart... or maybe a graph.

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everything I know ...continued 106. CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface.

107. In 1867, Russia sold Alaska to the USA.
to be continued...

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