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A little dab'll do ya. Monday February 21, 2000

Is my face red! Last week I gave you the impression that the crack Pigdump team was suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from long hard days in front of the computer. Well... turns out, I have a sprained finger and irritated thumb! And not from any hard pixel-pushing. No, seems I purchased a faulty bottle of hair product (see above) and it damaged my hand.

What? No, the product was just fine, it turns out the pump was faulty! I would have to force the pump down for 5 minutes straight just to get a suitable amount of product for my golden locks, and over the stretch of a week, I was applying way too much pressure on my delicate pointer finger. The swelling was bad, movement was bad. It was a frickin' pain!

I suppose I would rather have a red face for a day than a ruined hand for a life time. Vanity, oh vanity, woe is thy name! And Pigdump visitors, as God is my witness, I shall never let hair product get in the way of Top Quality ContentTM again! But I'll make no excuses for dry, flat static-filled hair either. Thanks and good luck.

Tomorrow: Dave's back!

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