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Pig in a Poke Friday, Feb. 18, 2000

Deconstructing Pigdump

Right off the bat, we're here to tell you that Pigdump was a cat. His original street name was Toupeé, then Scalawag. When he finally found his home with the Thornton family in Ottawa, his name changed again. One Thornton called him "Pig " -- this cat was ugly! (see photo bottom right.) Then another family member came home from university and said "no, he's more of a pig-dump!" The name stuck.

Though ugly, Pigdump was a nice, cool cat. He lived in a comfortable Pigdump state of mind. Eventually he got old and started dumping on carpets and losing his hair... so that was the end of Pigdump.

When made its digital debut on the information super highway back in the last century, we wanted to capture that Pigdump state of mind: "I ain't pretty, but I got style. I put the UMP in dump, man!"

Ahem. became the online cool cat... ironic when warranted, ambiguous if it had to be, and oblivious often. Face it, Pigdump can be full of shite! But what really became evident was that Pigdump, the digital edition, was flesh and blood, just like the cat. So when winter hit, our primordial goo took control of the bits and bytes so that sometimes we just wanted to hibernate. And when we found ourselves working on computers day in day out to bring Top Quality ContentTM, our mortal coil felt the scourge of the dreaded digital mortal foil: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Like Pigdump himself, the digital dump has to rest its bones from time to time. Other members of the Content Super Portal (Spoothe and Strongsmell) are also enjoying a little rest. But make no mistake, as the days start to get longer and the aches and pains of deadlines fade with cold compress therapy, our litter box will be filled and fresh day in day out! Thanks and good luck.

Tomorrow: Weekend Funnies (we hope)

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everything I know ...continued 104. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.

105. Deconstruction is a philosophical theory of criticism that seeks to expose deep-seated contradictions in a work by delving below its surface meaning.
to be continued...

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