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We're back. Wednesday February 16, 2000

Thank you, patient Pigdump people. We've been stuck for a few days. Lordy knows we have been working day in day out to correct the problem. You may have thought we weren't delivering Top Quality ContentTM over the past few days, but that's only an illusion. What you have been seeing is a "cached" version of last weekend's Clip Art Comics. Because that's when the trouble started.

You know those wacky folks who threw eBay, Yahoo, Amazon etc. for a loop last week? Well after those successful attacks, they started targeting the Top Quality ContentTM portals, grinding us to a complete halt. We couldn't even dial up the ultra high tech secure servers in Pittsburgh to ftp the Top Quality ContentTM to your PCs.

So what are we doing about it? Are we launching an expensive RCMP investigation? Of course not! In fact, we applaud those who performed these simple attacks. I mean come on! No one died! And if them hackers took the time and initiative to give the content portals an electronic spanking, well bully for them! We're flattered! To think that Pigdump ranks right up there with the biggies... my but we blush!

So hurray for the kids who give the high powered folks of the way new economyTM a kick in the pants... what's your next trick? Thanks and good luck.

Tomorrow: Shovel this!

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everything I know ...continued 103. When billions of solar wind particles collide with air molecules, energy is transferred into light -- the Aurora Borealis.

104. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.
to be continued...

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Z. Harris

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