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Micromanagement Tuesday February 1, 2000

Is anybody happy at work? Hmmm? Thought not. Well Pigdump is your place to rant! We are accepting boss horror stories that we'll publish (names will be changed to protect the innocent) so that you can share your pain. And no doubt, I'm sure you'll have some readers who will say "God God! I thought I was the only one who had such a stupid work situation!" Because really, this is about sharing, and learning, and caring and empowering yourself... whatever. Anyway, we think it will be fun for you to read... and if you ARE a boss who happens by this page, you may want to take notes!

Case Study Number 1 (from a real live experience!)

Your boss doesn't know her head from her ass so she will use the employees to reaffirm how stupid she really is.
She will come to you and ask you a question.
Our Reply - we give her an answer that will ultimately benefit her to her superiors.
Her Reply - "That's what I thought."

She will come to you and ask "do we need people who can...?"
Our reply - No.
Her reply - "That's what I thought."

She will come to us and ask what do we do all day
Our reply - "this, this and this. Oh and we also do this (but really you should do doing it.)"
Her reply - "Great, that's what I thought. Can I get that in a document so I can pass it along to headquarters?"

I will go to her and ask, "When does our first quarter start?"
Her Reply - "Well I am not sure... it could be the week ending Jan 2 or Jan 9, what do you think?"
I say - "Jan 9."
Her reply - "That's what I thought."

My thought: she has no thoughts.

Tomorrow: Something else.

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