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Ya, baby, ya! Thursday December 23, 1999

10 Things I Hate About Poo

10 Things I Hate About the 1990's

1. The polyester revival.
2. Mike Harris.
3. Robin Williams movies where he smiles with a tear in his eye (tm.)
4. Rap.
5. The cancellation of "Homicide, Life on the Street."
6. Chunky platform shoes
7. The Patrick Roy trade
8. Yodelling Irish women rock stars.
9. OJ-mania, Gen-X-mania, Grunge-mania, Y2K-mania.
10. "Fun" internet lists.

Tomorrow: You guessed it!

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everything I know ... continued 72. A dram is a small drink of spirit. A grog is a drink of spirit and water.

73. In 1973, the Orillia Terriers won the Allan Cup.
to be continued...

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