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Alpha, beta, theda, yadda yadda yadda... Tuesday December 21, 1999

I have such clever friends. They're really the spiritual venture capitalists of the Pigdump psyche. And when they sent me a fun list to add to my little website, well heck, they're just so cute, I have to indulge them.

They have compiled an almost complete list of words that begin with every letter of the alphabet... they begin with one letter and end with one word. Their criteria: "No proper names Like K-Tel, K-Mart, K-Way, Q-Tip, mBanx etc and it can't be something like P-Coat." But the list is incomplete. We ask you, dear Pigdump visitors, to help my little friends complete this intriguing list. Click on the "???" beside the letters in question to send an e-mail with your suggestions. Thanks and good luck!
 A - Train
 B - Cup
 C - Drive
 D - Day
 E - Commerce
 F - Stop
 G - Spot
 H - Bomb
 I - Beam
 J - Walk
 K - Ration
 L - Bracket
 M - Class
 N - Bomb
 O - Ring
 P - Whipped (thanks to
 Q - Year
 R - Rated
 S - Curve
 T - Square
 U - Turn
 V - Neck
 W - ???
 X - Ray
 Y - Front
 Z - Axis

Tomorrow: Superstars with three names.

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everything I know ... continued 70. Calico cats are always female...well, there are extremely rare cases when a calico cat is male, but I don't have the statistics.

71. Joan of Arc was burned as a witch in 1431.
to be continued...

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