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Shooters are bad, m'kay? Monday December 20, 1999

What happened to the weekend funnies?

There was NOTHING funny about the weekend. Pigdump's clip-art cartoonist was flat on her ass all day Saturday after being force-fed shooters at a Friday night festive company gathering. The management at Pigdump apologizes for this lapse in professionalism, and believe you me, we are THIS close to firing her sorry, narrow ass (she wishes... er... not to be fired, but that she had a narrow ass.)

With that in mind, we are putting out tenders, requests for proposals or whatever, to any area clip-art cartoonist who may want to be part of the potential Pigdump restructuring. Put together a strategy solution, a business case, or simply a portfolio of fine work, and we will consider making you a part of the team. Send your CV to and we will consider you for this high-profile Top Quality job.

Again, we're sorry you didn't get your weekly fix. Thanks and good luck.


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everything I know ... continued 69. Orange cats are always male...well, there are extremely rare cases when an orange cat is female, but I don't have the statistics.

70. Calico cats are always female...well, there are extremely rare cases when a calico cat is male, but I don't have the statistics.
to be continued...

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