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A bit of the old... Wednesday December 15, 1999


Pigdump succumbs. It's the Pigdump ListTM... the first and last listTM of the last year that that begins with the number 19.
In: Wilma
Out: Betty
In: The Right Coast
Out: The Left Coast
In: Yes
Out: No
In: Chartreuse
Out: Lime
In: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Out: Chia on Toast
In: Carmelita Pope
Out: John-Paul-John Paul
In: Meat
Out: Frank'n Furter
In: Little plastic hands
Out: Cross-your-heart
In: The Spadina Expressway
Out: Jam on toast.
In: Kinda
Out: Sorta
In: Sorta kinda like
Out: Virtual
In: Content
Out: Bloody web freakin' dreck... man oh man it makes me wince... people think they can get away with lame-ass lists that mean nothing and prove nothing except maybe that the web producers have run out of ideas, and I mean THEY may as well run out of ideas too, because let's face it there's nothing new on TV or on the radio or in the movie theatres these days. Who are they kidding? Well they can't fool me, no sirree, even that Eddie Vedder guy sings an old wanky song "Last Kiss" and turns it into a big hit... oh big wooo it was for refugees or something.... Bob Geldoff already did that kinda thing (not sorta) and please spare me another remake of an already perfect movie... do we REALLY need Matt Damon to be Ripley when Alain Delon has already done it with brilliance in Purple Noon? Man oh man is no one original anymore?

Tomorrow: Molsons or Seagrams?

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everything I know ... continued 67. Canada became an independent country in 1867.

68. Succotash is a dish of green rice, beans and salt pork all boiled together.
to be continued...

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Program Note!
The Pigdump gang had a wonderful time out on the left coast. We apologize for any pain or distress you suffered in our absence. We'd like to thank the always positve, ever-inspiring cartoon work of Collin Douma for keeping the boat afloat. Okay. We're back. Thanks, and good luck!