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August 21, 2002
Too much information?

annoying animationLast week's column on thermobooblear energy raised some eyebrows (if nothing else.) We were sure that the requests to be part of this endeavour would come streaming in. The Pigdump IT department even purchased a rack (heh heh) of servers to take on the overflow of e-mail.

Evidently, the plan didn't work. Our marketing department got but one missive from the Pigdump audience (and let's just say he was way out of the target consumer demographic.) What we heard from you was "whoa, that's too much information." Goodness me! Isn't that what the info superhighway is all about?

Here's what we're going to do at Pigdump. The marketing department has written a press release aimed at you, the faithful visitors:

"Through our extensive internal market research initiative, Pigdump is moving to a value-add solution which will empower the existing customers to further brand loyalty. The top-down communication strategy in no longer esssenstial in the current marketplace so Pigdump will proactively shift the paradigm, bleed the edge of the online content platform."

Sorry. The marketing geniuses have been fired.

The thing is, we're looking to redesign this little Web site but we want to be responsive to you. What works? What doesn't? What do you want more of? (Haven't we done this before?) Please let us know what Pigdump can do for you and we'll get right on it. Soon. Really.

Thanks and good luck.
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