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September 23, 2008

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End of an era

Once upon a time, there was this most excellent website created by a friend called g-l-u-e.com. And a duck (or was it a goat?)

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Anyway, my friends and I wanted be cool and funny just like our g-l-u-e pal was, so we sort of copied him with our own little websites. And the Top Quality Content portal was born.

Now g-l-u-e.com was so intriguing to some fellas in the early web clown days, that they bought it from our friend. Imagine! Someone thought g-l-u-e.com was a going concern! Reborn as strongsmell.com, the happy portal continued to thrive and get a bunch of cool new friends to offer their own TQC sites. Stongsmell, Pigdump, Spoothe, Gorsht, Hot Sandwich, Collision Detection and Clickable Culture became "must read" stops on the Information Superhighway's pre-blog era. There was even a TQC Superportal at tqc.ca! Wow!


The other day, our good friend strongsmell, said he was letting the tqc.com portal go, and said Pigdump could keep it if we wanted to. So I took a little troll around the TQC destinations, and was alarmed to find:




Hot Sandwich and Strongsmell hadn't been updated in...well...years! Collision Detection and Clickable Culture had even removed the little TQC logos from their excellent pages, and were blog pages like so many that crowd the Information Superhighway.


So we decided to turn down the offer of the being the keeper of the portal, leaving Pigdump alone to carry the torch of TQC. But we think we're good for it. But we do feel lonely out here, in the cluttered internet space. Having no content to rely on but our own. "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past..."

Thanks and good luck.

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