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"The marketer in me wants to
use it in an advertising campaign.
For what, we have no idea."

September 17, 2008

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Who is Pigdump?

In marketing, companies often create "personas" (sic) so that they can get into the heads of the consumers.

masked person

The companies that do it best are political parties. Especially paranoid right wing parties that are desperate to win those swing seats in Ontario.

The Pigdump brain trust is located smack dab in the middle of one of those swing seats (and you know how THAT can hurt!) And we've been called three times by the Regressive Conservative Party. Each time, our public relations manager has said something rude to the right wing marketeer and promptly hung up on them. (There's only so much "fuzzy blue sweater" a girl can stomach, don't you know.)

But it got us wondering why they keep trying to get through to us. Then I found a Globe and Mail article by Michael Valpy* about "What the Conservative Party knows about you," and I saw the light. Pigdump CANNOT be pigeon-holed! We don't fit anywhere. Here are the personae that the Cons are using (according to Mr. Valpy's article):

"Zoey is a central city inhabitant who eats organic food and is of no interest to them; ditto with Marcus and Fiona, a high-income urban couple with no children and professional jobs. But Dougie is a favourite, a tradesman in his 20s from a small town. And so is Eunice, 70, a widow, and Steve [who owns his own business] and Heather in their 40s with three children living in the suburbs."

So why the heck are they calling me? Do they think I'm Eunice? Or Heather? They certainly don't have a tag for me...Pigdump is kinda Zoey meets Fiona in Dougie territory.

And sadly, their Regressive Conservative candidate, Tony Cement, will likely run away with this swing seat in spite of the strong Pigdump presence in the region. Sigh.

Thanks and good luck.

Please don't sue me.

* Mr. Valpy's article.

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