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September 15, 2008

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Elections are never about issues.

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We've heard that more than ever this year, north and south of the 49th. And if I'm honest, the Canadian election is a non event. It's so over. We are destined to elect a right wing, socially conservative government. Sigh.

The other guy, Celine, just never had a chance. Even though he HAS a platform. Even though he HAS a viable environmental plan -- when PMS has nothing. Even though he has set the agenda and allowed Parliament to move bills forward and run sorta smoothly under a kinda coalition government.

But this isn't about issues or smart people with interesting ideas. Which is too bad, because if we actually looked at PMS and his party's promises (no cuts to Income Trust, fixed election date), broken promises (no cuts to Income Trust, fixed election date) and ideals...

On the Environment
On Nature
On Freedom of the Press
On Accountability and Transparency
On Liberal Corruption (not Conservative corruption)
On the Arts
On Copyright
On the CBC
On Cities and more cities
On Childcare
On Women's Rights
On Status of Women
On the Economy
On Budget Cuts
And despite those cuts, the Conservatives have spent the large Liberal surplus and may move us to Deficit Spending
Then there's our international reputation...
No-show at the AIDS conference
No-show at the Olympics
Interfering in foreign elections
Dodgy Foreign Ministers
Dodgy Immigration Policies

...we might think twice about putting these guys back in with a majority.

But we're not interested in any of this lefty, pinko stuff, are we? (Yes, I know most articles are from left leaning publications...but not all - University of Alberta, Canada Post, CTV etc...) It's easier just to give PMS a strong majority so he can continue to do all the thinking for us. Because, well, who wants to talk about issues or even think?

So that's it for the election for me. Disillusioned, discontent, done.

Thanks and good luck.

Please don't sue me.

(Thanks to "Canadians United Against Stephen Harper" and "Mean People Suck")

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