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September 9, 2008

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It's not easy being green

I'm very confused. Which isn't really new for me, but there you go.

REM Green

How is it that my tax dollars pay the salaries of traitors? How is it that a gang of stylish men and women from Quebec, who work day and night to find a way to separate from Canada, is given status in our Parliament? In our country? No one outside of Quebec can even vote for this gang because they are only about one region of the country.

This puzzles me. Especially when we see their gang leader, Gilles Cupcake, treated as a potential leader of the country, recognized as a real leader of a real party, while the leader of a party who is running 300-plus candidates across the country is not considered a real leader.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying here that I will be supporting the Green Party in the election. I'm also not anti-Quebec. But the thing is, could Canadian politics possibly be more screwed up? We look like a bunch of clowns. Our helmet-headed leader, PMS, continues to pander to Quebec and the traitors therein, the way former PM Muldooney kowtowed to them and created this mess in the first place...an act that PMS, a young Fascist at the time, vowed to oppose - no kowtowing, said the young Fascist, all provinces are equal! Yet now, he panders, bends over, kowtows...


So Lizzie May doesn't get a podium like the other leaders and traitors do. We get the same old same old. No fresh ideas. No fresh challenges to the old parties' tired issues and rhetoric. And the world wonders why Canada -- so blessed and beautiful -- could be so downright mediocre and whiny.

'nuff said.

Thanks and good luck.

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