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"Supply is becoming
an issue so the gas pumps will
likely hit $1 a litre this summer."

September 5, 2008

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Gas, the hot air kind

Oh for goodness sake! Haven't we had enough?
hot air

This year we have had more than our share of precipitation. The most snow EVER! Well, in MY lifetime anyway. And rain! Oh the rain! Did we even get summer?

And now those clowns in Ottawa want to have an election? Oh the humanity! Talk about hot air! Talk about passing wind! Talk about smog! Haven't we suffered enough?

Not to mention all the rhetoric and hot air that has been spewing up from the lower 49. I don't think my soul can take it. Nor my lungs. Definitely not my brain.

So pretty please, politicians, if you do go ahead with this useless election that will see a change of maybe two or three seats, please oh please oh please just give me something I can feel proud about. Something that won't dim the colours of our beautiful autumn skies. Because honestly, I will vote for ANYONE who just tells me his/her vision, without clouding the issues with name-calling and finger pointing. Please someone, anyone, cut through the inevitable hot air that is on its way and tell me the truth about the forecast ahead.

Thanks and good luck.

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