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"It's been a dumb year so far.
You'd think by now we would
have gotten a few things right."

August 27, 2008

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Where's Tony?

This is my MP, Tony Cement. Isn't he something?

cement head!

In 2006, he was elected to Ottawa by nine - count 'em - nine votes. The only recount in the country! Makes me proud!

Back when he was Health Minister for Mr. Harris' devastating Ontario government, "Two-tier" Tony led the charge against SARS...well, I mean, he was sort of there (it really was Sheila Basrur who took control of the situation and gave Hogtown confidence.) Tony's name was all over this thing, though, being the minister responsible for cutting Ontario health care to the bone, laying off redundant lab workers. I mean, who needs people just sitting around waiting for a new organism to show up? It will never happen!

Anyway, now there's a tainted meat problem, people are dying of contaminated food. Where's Tony? Why he's in Denver, of course! Attending the Democratic National Convention. Because goodness knows his boss, PMS (Prime Minister Steve), told him to go there, to let Mr. Obama know that Canada isn't too right wing, that Canada cares for social issues and brave new ideas. Yessir!

So that's where Tony is.

Thanks and good luck.

(Please don't sue me.)

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