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August 26, 2008

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Reasons to be cheerful (part 3)

Our boy Helmet Head has done it again.

ride'em fascist cowboy!

I mean, why would any country worth its salt WANT culture? Why waste precious tax dollars on arts, film and television when you can spend it on those poor hockey players in Vancouver 2010?

Here are some of Stevie-boy's reasons for cutting federal funding to the arts:

"If Canada had the reputation as a world class arts and culture country, well sheesh, we'd get all sorts of creeps visiting us! Like liberal thinkers. And the French. Goodness knows we have enough of THEM already."

"We have plenty of paintings in our country. Just look at the faces of those nutty Rider fans in Saskatoon, or Regina, or wherever the hell it is they play."

"Funding the arts means funding pornography. And we can't have that!"

"You can't sell corporate boxes at an art gallery, for goodness sakes, so how do you make money on sculpture? Don't you people think?"

Thank goodness our fearless leader is looking after our money. Oh my, how lost we would be -- creative and critical thought abounding from sea to sea, cluttering our senses with perception. Hallelujah to heir Stevie and his band of reformers, doing all the deep thinking for us.

(Well maybe he's right on one thing after all, maybe it IS time for an election.)

Thanks and good luck.

(Please don't sue us.)

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