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May 21, 2006

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iPod, therefore I am (I think)

I do a lot of driving, commuting from Pigdump's northern office down to the big city for important high end meetings in the TQC sector. Thank God for iPod! My "Generation 3" 40-gig little record collection keeps me sane as I navigate through rain, snow, sleet, transport trucks, raccoons, deer...

And I've been thinking about the hazards of the road, wondering if one of them trucks carrying tons of goods (which soon will cost us all 1% less in GST don't forget) might bash into me, or if a frisky buck in mating season will jump out in front of my car. Cheery thoughts, I know.

So I started wondering, if something happens, what would be the last song I'd ever hear? Makes you think about your playlists, eh? I mean we all have embarrassing stuff on our iPods just for fun (for instance I have Abba doing "Waterloo," the Waitresses doing the theme to "Square Pegs" in my collection.) Do I want the Chipmunks singing the Beatles to be the last tune I hear? But you do want to randomize things or else you'll hear your same favourite songs over and over again..which isn't bad, except, well, they'll soon be your least favourite.

Random iTunes

It is a quandary.

Thanks and good luck.

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