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"But why make the
shortbread now?
It's only November 20th?"

November 10, 2005

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When the gales of November come early

tasty clementines

It happens every year. The minute Hallowe'en ends, Christmas season begins. This year, I hardly had a chance to buy my winter stash of marked-down Nestlé chocolate bars and those dental-defying molasses kisses. Now it's all Santa, Holly, Ivy and them other reindeer.

For me, though, the real sign that Christmas -- nay winter -- is on its way is found in the produce department. Clementines. Oh those tasty orangey treats that are easy to peel and sweet all the way down...now THEY can make me forget about candy (though dipping them into a chocolate fountain might make the experience even more heavenly!)

But here's the thing. My first case of clementines this year is disappointing. You know when you build up the anticipation of an easy peel, a juicy sweetness, and when you dig into your first 2 or 3 or 5 clementines they do not live up to their billing? That's what happened to me. Oh sure, they were juicy, for the most part -- though my very first one was a bit dry on one end -- but they weren't sweet enough. Nor were they easy to peel. At least I've not encountered any seeds yet. I HATE when I get seeds! Ruins the whole clementine experience!

Maybe the clementine is like the groundhog. Perhaps I'll be able to gauge how long/cold/snowy the winter will be by the first clementine. Here's hoping a bad batch means a short, mild winter. Heh heh. Do you think?

Thanks and good luck.

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